Computer Hardware Purchasing

Service Description

To help departments and programs with the purchasing of computer hardware and software, we will provide the following services:

• Place the order with the manufacturer on behalf of the user or department
• Handle the hardware and software (receiving, unpacking)
• Image the desktop or laptop with Faculty’s standard operating system
• Add desktop or laptop to Active Directory and transfer data (if requested)
• Activate mobile devices (iOS, Blackberry, or Android) on Faculty’s network & Exchange

Service Charges



• Our standard charge to provide purchasing support is 3% of the value of purchase.
• If data transfer is required: three hours technician time at the Discovery Commons hourly rate for imaging and transfer of data from old device
• To activate and transfer the data from mobile device: one hour of technician time at the Discovery Commons hourly rate 

Service Availability

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Supported Hours

Discovery Commons business hours

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