Course Catalogue

Title Course Categorysort descending
General Computer/ Software Courses University Courses
ROSI University Courses
AMS Courses University Courses
Blackboard University Courses
Information Security Technical Courses
ShareFile Technical Courses
FOCUS (classroom) Applications Courses
WebPac (classroom) Applications Courses
Promotions (classroom) Applications Courses
Appointments (classroom) Applications Courses
Reappointments (classroom) Applications Courses
Meeting Rooms - Basics (in-person) Audio-Visual Courses
Lecturing by Videoconference in MSB lecture theatres Audio-Visual Courses
Videoconferencing Guidelines and Best Practices (classroom) Audio-Visual Courses
Video Production Basics (classroom) Audio-Visual Courses
Lecture Capture Options for Faculty Members (classroom) Audio-Visual Courses
Meeting Rooms - Advanced (in-person) Audio-Visual Courses
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