Medicine Exchange Email Services to be Decommissioned

Mar 8, 2019

We will be decommissioning the Medicine Exchange Email service on April 12, 2019.

With the implementation of Office 365/UTmail+ across the University, the University will begin decommissioning the institutional legacy email services - Medicine Exchange, UTORexchange and UTORmail.

Account holders who are eligible for UTmail+ will have the opportunity to migrate to Office 365. Account holders who are not eligible will have the opportunity to export e-mail messages and contacts before the account is shut down and deleted.

Alternatively, if individuals believe eligibility criteria to be incorrect, they may contact their department to correct their status.


Eligibility Criteria

Go to this link to find to determine if you are eligible for Office 365 email account:


Instructions for Eligible Account Holders

If you meet the definition listed in the Guidelines found at:, please contact Deborah Fong at and she will contact your department to verify eligibility.


Instructions for Non-Eligible Account Holders


If you are an U of T alumni, you can request an Alumni email account

Option 1: Migrate your Medicine Exchange Email to Alumni Email.

  • Please contact to request a migration of your Medicine Exchange email to an Alumni email account.
    • Note1: You must have “alumni” status in the University’s HR system.
    • Note2: You must request this option at least two weeks before the decommissioning date above.

Option 2: Request new alumni Email Account (and do not keep any old email from Med Exchange)

  • Go to and login with your UTORid and password.
  • You can self-provision a new alumni account under “Add Email Services.
    • Note1: You must have “alumni” status in the University’s HR system.
    • Note2: Since there is no migration done with this option, you will be able to use your alumni email account within 24 hours.


Download a copy of your Medicine Exchange Email to PST format

If you would like to download your Medicine Exchange email for your own records, see options below:

Option 1: If you use Outlook to access your Medicine Exchange email

  • For instructions on how to download your email to a .PST file, please click here

Option 2: Medicine Exchange Webmail Users


Additional emails

Some users may have accounts on other UofT mail systems such as UTORmail and/or UTORexchange. If you would like to find out if you have emails on UTORmail and UTORexchange, please contact the Information Commons Help Desk at

Information on how to download email from these services can be found at