Process for moving to Office 365

The Faculty of Medicine is in the process of migrating email accounts for faculty and staff to Office 365. As we are migrating faculty and staff from several different mail systems to Office 365 the migration process will comprise several steps to ensure that all user accounts are accurate and verified. 

Once on O365, users must use their UTORid and password to access mail.  It is vitally important that every user verify that their email addresss and UTORid are correct.

Below are the steps to schedule your department’s migration to O365.

  1. Draft list generated – a draft list of accounts that have some affiliation with your department is generated by Discovery Commons and I+TS (Central IT)
  2. Business officer verification – the business officer (or their delegates) review the draft list to verify the role and status of these accounts.  Completed sheets to be returned to Discovery Commons.
  3. Email address and UTORid verification - Discovery Commons will send out an verification email (using Survey Monkey) to each active user noted on the sheet to verify their email address and UTORID.
  4. Migration scheduled - we will coordinate with your unit to schedule a migration date.  Note that all email accounts will not be accessible from 5 p.m. onwards during the date of the migration.
  5. Day after migration support - there will be technical support staff on-site the following work day to assist with any questions/issues.

Once your migration has been scheduled, we will also work with you to prepare your department on tasks that must be completed prior to the migration date.  Additional information regarding these activities will be made available to you closer to your migration date, but involve upgrading to computers to Office 2016 and ensuring that users have captured any personalized settings and rules that they wish to re-implement once on O365.

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