Videoconferenced Class

Support for Videoconferenced Lectures

Lecture videoconferencing allows students at the St.George and UTM campusses to attend the same lectures while in the two separate locations. Two lecture rooms in the Medical Sciences Building downtown and two in the Terrance Donnelly Health Sciences Building in Mississauga are outfitted with cameras, microphones, and large screens to provide a fully interactive experience for students and teachers.

Lecture Videoconferencing

A Guide to the Equipment and Its Operation
Becoming familiar with the equipment and general operations in the rooms will go a long way to make you feel comfortable teaching in these tech-heavy classrooms

Faculty Training Video

View the Video to Learn About the Equipment
This 20-minute video provides information on what to expect when you teach in the videoconference-equipped lecture rooms

Teaching in a Videoconferenced Lecture

Some Tips for Better Results
Many aspects of teaching in a videoconferenced environment will be familiar, but here are a few tips for better results.

Get Hands-On Training

Put Yourself in Control
Presenters who come in for training on the equipment are able to present their lecture without the added stress of having to figure out the technology in the videoconference-equipped lecture rooms while they teach.

What if I Use Keynote on a Mac?

We can convert your presentation so it will play on the lecture room PCs, or you can.
Learn how here.

Contact Information for Lecture Support

How to contact us before, during, and after your lecture
Need to adjust a slide deck you already sent in? Have a question at the podium? Here's how to get support when you need it.

Help Us Help You

Fill In the Form for a Successful Videoconferenced Lecture
Telling us about your lecture will help ensure there are no technical problems

What is ARS and How Do I Use It?

Audience Response System
Incorporate polling questions into your lecture for a more interactive student experience

Get the Lowdown on Laptops in Videoconferenced Lectures

Spoiler Alert: They're Not Allowed
Learn why you can't bring your own laptop for your lecture

Got a Minute?

Get some tips on teaching in the videoconferenced classrooms with these short videos.

Double click for full screen.

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