Verifying your email address and UTORid

The Faculty of Medicine is in the process of migrating email accounts for faculty and staff from to Office 365. As we are migrating from several different mail systems to Office 365, we are will be sending you an email survey to confirm your email address and UTORid to ensure we migrate the correct email accounts and who can access them.  The email survey will only be sent once we have confirmed a list of users with your business officer, and you will be notified once the survey has been sent.

The email subject is Ensuring your account is migrated successfully to Office 365”.    The message only asks you to confirm your email address and your UTORid.  We will never ask you for your password information, and you should ignore any email that asks for it.

Please note that we require a response to the email survey to move your account to Office 365, and that your unit will only be scheduled for its migration to Office 365 once all faculty and staff have responded.

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