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The Learning Portal (Blackboard) is the University’s institutionally-supported learning management system (LMS) and secure portal. Blackboard is integrated with the University’s student information system and is a full-featured LMS with an advanced content system, a variety of student communication tools, and easy-to-use course administration features. Discovery Commons provides limited support to faculty & staff for this system.

Blackboard support from CTSI

Primary support for all Blackboard users is provided by the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI).   Before contacting Discovery Commons please consult these sources:

Blackboard support from Discovery Commons
In addition to the Blackboard support provided by CTSI, Discovery Commons supports the strategic use of Blackboard for courses and organizations which are included in the curriculum and not found in ROSI.  ROSI courses are automatically generated and have automated enrolment management from the Office of the Registrar.  

How do I know if my course is a ROSI course? The Course IDs follow naming convention:  Session-YEAR-coursecode-section.

Supported services covered by the Faculty of Medicine

  • Creation of non-ROSI course shells
  • Adding, deleting or editing Instructor enrolments
  • Adding the first Leader for an Organization
  • UTORid lookups
  • Batch student enrolments for non-ROSI courses
  • Problem determination of media and institutional content issues

Chargeable supported services ($75 per hour)

  • Individualized Blackboard training sessions upon request
  • Program wide course shell customization and templates
  • Special requests and custom Blackboard solutions


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