Network Connectivity Support

Service Description

Network connectivity support includes connecting computers to the University’s network (within Faculty-managed buildings and spaces), as well as IP address assignment and basic infrastructure (switch, firewall) management. IP address assignment consists of provisioning users and departments at Faculty of Medicine with an Internet Protocols (IP) address space (subnets) or individual IP. This per-ticket service is intended for single computers or small numbers of computers at a time, and basic network infrastructure work. We work with ITS to provide network engineering and major installation services.

Service Charges



Existing subnets: No charge for IP address assignment, or for infrastructure equipment upgrades if the subnet is shared by multiple departments or units. New subnets: programming charges of $ 400.00 (one-time fee), network equipment if required (switches, optical components, etc.) at cost, and installation charges (minimum 3 hours at Discovery Commons hourly rate).

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