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Starting in September 2015, Discovery Commons will be transitioning to the use of Remark scanning software, in place of the use of the previous scanning software and pre-printed Scantron (bubble sheet) form.

Discovery Commons provides optical scan forms and electronic marking for multiple choice exams, tests and course/lecture evaluations. A standard template bubble sheet forms is available in PDF format.  Please take a moment to carefully read the "Guide for Printing the Remark Blank Form." Custom versions can be designed and tested with sufficient lead time.

After an exam, educators drop off their forms to the Discovery Commons for processing. The processed results will be sent to you via a secure Sharefile link, to the email provided in the Order form. Processing time for scanning jobs is typically 2-3 business days, and this may vary depending on the nature of the material and during peak periods. The pricing is $75.00/hour minimum.

We encourage interested clients to send an email to for more information.

For those who may still have an existing inventory of Scantron sheets, Scantron sheets and Master Key sheets will continue to be processed by Discovery Commons until the end of the Fall 2015 Exam cycle.

Note that priority will be given to departments and programs within the Faculty of Medicine.

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