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Interview done in the studio. Green screen has been replaced with a backgroundInterview in the StudioWebcast shot in the studio with a cafe backgroundShooting a webcast in the studioIdeal for lecture recordings and interviews, the video studio is equipped with HD cameras, a lighting grid, green screen, professional microphones, a teleprompter, a video switcher, and streaming device for webcasts. The green screen allows for any background to be added to suit the style of your production. The Discovery Commons' video production team can edit and package your production, or you can take the camera files if you have your own editing facility.

The studio is located on the 3rd floor of the Medical Sciences Building.

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The cost of the studio is $185 per hour, which includes an operator (note that the studio is not available without an operator). Webcasting from the studio is $205/hour.

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Please send an email to to book, or to for more information.


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