Service Description

Discovery Commons offers videoconference solutions (including with clinical sites via the Ontario Telemedicine Network) in select meeting rooms. Additional VC-capable rooms are available in other areas of the Faculty of Medicine, including 500 University and the Health Sciences Complex in Mississauga, as well as our affiliated hospitals; for more information on these, scroll down this page. There are two rooms in Discovery Commons that can be booked for videoconferencing: MSB 3174 (20 seats) and MSB 3175 (20 seats). For photos of the rooms, and details regarding what audio-visual equipment is available in them, please see the link below. Rooms can be booked for weekday usage between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm. After confirmation of room booking, the Service Desk staff will advise that a separate request be submitted for video-conferencing arrangements. The videoconferencing equipment in the Discovery Commons (and a number of other on-campus systems) can be set up to link to two types of networks:

  • Secure: The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is a secure network that is restricted to clinical, administrative and educational sites. This is available in both 3174 and 3175.
  • Public: We can connect to any videoconferencing system available over the internet. This is available in both 3174 and 3175.

Discovery Commons will set up and test the equipment before your videoconferencing session and provide on-demand support if any technical issues occur. Additional services, such as recording, are also available. In addition to the two VC-equipped meeting rooms listed above, the Faculty has a number of other VC-equipped, OTN-registered rooms that may be available for specific types of uses:

  • The Mississauga Academy of Medicine VC Studio (HSC 170, UTM)
  • Department of Family and Community Medicine (500 University Avenue)
  • Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation (155 College Street)

These rooms must be booked directly with their owners; once that is done, contact the Discovery Commons to schedule the videoconference.Please note that we reserve the right to assign priority to certain programs or types of use, and also the right to re-assign rooms at any time. If we do need to re-assign a room, we will provide as much advance notice as possible, and will make every effort to re-locate your booking in an acceptable alternate location (though we cannot guarantee this).

We are often asked who is responsible for helping the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Continuing Professional Development Programs (UofT or hospital local departments) connect by videoconference at the teaching hospitals. The answer is that this varies by site; please see the contact list link under Links.

Service Charges



  • For Faculty of Medicine Staff, Students and Faculty: no charge
  • For non-Faculty of Medicine clients:
    • Video-conferencing Room Rental: $100/room/hour
    • Basic support charge: $150 for a one-hour, point-to-point videoconference call.
    • For each additional hour over a one-hour call: $75.
    • For each additional site over a point-to-point call: $50.
    • For recording a videoconference: $100.
  • Premium charges may apply for videoconferences that take place outside of regular business hours. Please contact the Service Desk for a quotation.

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