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Discovery Commons works with our clients to design and develop academic and administrative applications to meet a wide variety of business objectives. At Discovery Commons we develop web based applications using an Agile software development methodology, and based on a Java development platform.

When developing a new application, our goal is to create a comprehensive design solution. This requires an understanding of business, functional and technical requirements, and the level of change that may occur with the introduction of the new application. Our methodology includes attempting to identify how the application fits into the workflow of existing people, processes and tools that are already in place. Our specifications are based on user stories, and include mockups and wireframes as required to ensure the design is understood and accepted.

Estimates for developing a web based application depends highly on the purpose and budget, and can only be developed with more detailed consultations. While lead times will vary based on the scope and nature of the project, the typical lead time for application development is no less than 6-8 months.

When we are not available to do the work, Discovery Commons has also used the Request for Supplier Quote (RFSQ) procurement process to secure agreements with a number of development companies that are capable of working with clients to design and develop web based applications to meet a wide variety of objectives. These companies can guide a client through the entire lifecycle of designing and developing a solution (although it is possible to engage Discovery Commons through our Software Design services to complete the design). To engage one of these companies, a complete list of requirements must be developed so that quotes can be solicited from each of the vendors in accordance with the RFSQ.

For those web applications developed by Discovery Commons, hosting will be provided for a fee. For web applications developed by outside vendors, hosting is available through the Virtual Server Hosting Service.

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Contact us for details. A quotation will be provided in the form of a Letter of Understanding (LOU).

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