Service Description

Webcasting is the live streaming of an event so that others can watch and listen to it online from a computer. Webcast academic events are also often called webinars. Discovery Commons can webcast a presentation, lecture or meeting, and if desired, record it at the same time. This gives viewers the option of experiencing the event in the location where it is taking place, as a live broadcast on the web, or as a recording that can be viewed on the web at a later date. Using a camera and microphones, the technology captures all elements of the presentation for the viewer, including PowerPoint. Remote participants watching the webcast can interact via a web chat. If recorded, the recording can then be posted on portal or another website; hosting options are available. See an infographic on webcasting here

Service Charges



  • $160/hour for the webcast portion of the event, including equipment and one operator.
  • The Discovery Commons hourly rate applies for any travel time, setup time, and post production (i.e. editing) of recordings. Estimates can be provided after consultation.
  • A premium for after-hours webcasts may apply.

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