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One of the meeting rooms in Discovery Commons, MSB 3174, has been configured to be used for web-based videoconference calls. The integrated table microphones and speakers improve the audio over the usual computer microphone and speaker usually used for tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts, allowing everyone in the room to hear and be heard. A web-conferencing camera has also been added to the room (note that the cameras for infrastructure videoconferencing will not work for web-based videoconferencing). Discovery Commons staff will, at no charge (but with advance notice) set up the room for the web-based videoconference call and provide support for the hardware in the room, but because of the ever-changing and consumer-focused nature of Skype and other web-based tools, we don’t provide support for them specifically, or guarantee that they will work as intended. See an infographic on webconferencing here

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