Website Development and Hosting (WebPac)

Service Description

WebPac is a service of the Faculty of Medicine that provides well-designed, inexpensive and securely managed websites for units within the Faculty of Medicine. Each site is compatible with mobile devices and ensures content can be easily managed. WebPac includes communications support, technical development, training, hosting and maintenance. The service is offered jointly by the Office of Communications and Discovery Commons.

Please visit the WebPac resource page on the Faculty of Medicine website for more information on WebPac including instructional videos and user guides.

Service Charges



  • STARTUP COST: The one time set up cost for the Departmental WebPac is $3,425.
  • ONGOING COST: The ongoing cost of the package for existing clients as of May 31, 2018 is $1,650 per year which covers the application updates, backups and hosting. 
  • ONGOING COST: New clients as of June 1, 2018 and existing clients who did not lock in, the cost is $1650 CAN plus $120 US per year.

Service Availability


Supported Hours