Help Us Help You

Form iconWe have team of technical staff that are here to help ensure that your presentation goes smoothly, with no technical glitches that come in the way of student learning. In order to do this, however, we need some information from you about what you will be doing during your lecture. Using polling? Showing YouTube videos? Playing audio files? Using break out rooms? Expecting more than one presenter? This is all information that we need to know in advance of your lecture. 

Well in advance of your lecture, you will be sent a form that includes information relevant to teaching in via Zoom. This form also has an area for you to let us know what kind of lecture and lecture material you will be presenting. Please fill out this form and submit it. Because of a full schedule of lectures, and often very little time between lectures, we cannot usually do any training just before your lecture. Based on the form submissions, we prepare for every lecture in advance, and doing this ensures that they are technically successful.

Here is the link to the form: