Creating a rule to filter SPAM

We have made recent changes to our email system in tagging potential spam messages, which will now say SPAM in the subject line.  Note that this is only an indication that the message is suspected as potential spam - it may or may not be.  Please contact Discovery Commons at prior to opening any message you are unsure about, as spam may cause significant damage to your computer and/or data, as well as other users.

Follow the instructions below if you would like to have messages marked as potential spam moved automatically to your Junk E-mail folder.

On the Home tab in the Move group, click Rules.

Create rule







1.  Click Create Rule

2.  Select Subject contains and enter SPAM in the box beside it.

3.  Ensure the From box above Subject contains and the Sent to box beneath it are unchecked

4. Select Move the item to folder: and select Junk E-Mail from the Select Folder Button and click OK.

Spam ruleThe next pop up window will ask if you want to run the Rule now. Click on the check box to run the Rules and click OK.
SPAM Rule Confirmation

The Rule has now been created and will filter all incoming mail with SPAM in the subject line to your Junk E-Mail folder.  Please remember to monitor your Junk E-mail folder for any potentially valid mail that may have been unintentionally caught by the filter.