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Support for MD Program Lectures

Teaching in 2021/2022

Lectures will be mostly presented in-person in the classrooms and broadcast using Zoom, starting after Labour Day 2021. Please refer to instructions sent to you by the course director and administrator for further details about from where you will deliver your lecture. The MD classrooms at both the St. George and UTM campuses will be open to a limited number of students when the fall term begins, likely accommodating more as the year progresses. Students who do not come to the university for class will participate online from home or other location. Lectures will be delivered via Zoom, both from the classrooms and other locations. Students in the classrooms will not use the microphones; all students, in the classrooms and online, will use the Zoom Q & A tool for questions. Please read the articles below for more information.

Teaching Foundations in the Classroom in 2021/2022

What to Expect
There have been some changes in classroom delivery this year. Learn about how the lectures will be delivered, how students will ask questions, and other important details before you head into the classroom.

Best Practises and Etiquette for Zoom Lecturers

Tips and tricks for looking like a pro from the start
Learn when and how to mute your mic, use the chat, and how keep those "oops" moments (where you broadcast a private conversation with your child to the class) to a minimum.

Showing Your Best Side

Tips for Looking and Sounding Good on Zoom
Your background, the noise in your room, your lighting, your camera angle, all play a part in how the audience see you. Learn some tips for looking and sounding your best.

FAQs for Lecturers

From "How do students ask questions?" to "When should I join my webinar?" Common questions recently posed by other lecturers are answered here.

Videos in the MD Program

Learn about Stream, the video delivery system for the MD Program
The Faculty of Medicine uses the MS O365 platform Stream for MD Program lectures and other recordings

Contact Information for Lecture Support

How to contact us before, during, and after your lecture
Need to adjust a slide deck you already sent in? Have a question at the podium? Here's how to get support when you need it.

Fill Out the Form and Send in Your Presentation

The links, how to and why we need this at least 4 working day ahead of your lecture
Whether your lecture is via Zoom or in the classroom, we need you to fill in the Jotform with your lecture information and to upload your presentation to us.