Preventing network printers from printing pages of random characters

Jan 14, 2016

There have been reports of pages of random characters printing from network printers, in some cases these are hundreds of pages.

While there are many approaches that prevent this, a good approach is a departmental firewall. That will allow you to protect not only your printers but all network devices on your departmental network. If you implement a firewall, don’t for get to allow the AMS/ROSI print server to send print jobs on tcp port 515 through.

Another approach is to configure access control lists on each printer. The access control list lets you select what IP addresses are allowed to print. Allowing your subnet(s) as well as the AMS/ROSI print server should eliminate this particular issue (though a firewall protects from other attacks as well).

You can also enable user codes on the printer as long as your particular device. Jobs without a user code will flush. Make sure you are able to add an exception for the AMS/ROSi print server before enabling user code printing if the device is an AMS or ROSI destination.

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