Staff Listing

Please direct all support requests to our Service Desk at or 416.978.8504.


Sam Chan
Director, Information Technology
phone 416.946.8625

Emil Cean
Associate Director, Technical Operations
phone 416.978.7555

Philip Chung
Associate Director, Service Delivery
phone 416.978.6014

Business, Finance and Administration

Sheila Wolfe
Business Officer
phone 416.946.8443

Deborah Fong
Project Manager
phone 416.978.4747

Tarann Ann Steane
Project Coordinator
phone 416.946.3289


Service Desk

Alexander Hoy
Service Desk Support Coordinator


Service Delivery Team

Katherine McConnell
Portfolio Manager, Administrative Services

Court Van Beek
Portfolio Manager, Assessment, Curriculum, and Evaluation Services

Lynette Terrill
Business Systems Analyst

Howard Chow
Business Systems Analyst

Ben Smith Lea
Lead Developer

Allan Liu

Arnold Alfonso
Application Support Specialist


Audio Visual Support Team

Janet Koecher
Audio Visual Team Lead
phone 416.946.3285

Chris Bibby
Senior AV Specialist

Julio Aguiar
Media Production Specialist

Matthew Acri
AV Specialist

Wally Goodwin
AV Specialist

Sterling Lau
AV Specialist (Mississauga Academy of Medicine)

Brian Ruryk
AV Specialist (Mississauga Academy of Medicine)


Technical Support and Infrastructure Team

Frank Deak
Technical Support Team Lead
phone 416.978.8504

Frank Gratzer
System Administrator, Enterprise

Heidar Heidari Nia
System Administrator, Web

Bobby Banwait
Network Administrator

Roland Hui
Technical Support Specialist

Cliff Baskind
Technical Support Analyst

Kamran Bozorgmehr
Technical Support Analyst

Jassie Khaira
Technical Support Analyst

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