Service Request Forms

If you do not find a specific service request form below for the service you are looking for, please complete a General Service Request Form and provide us as much information as you can about the service you require

General Service Request Form

Book A Room Service Request Online Form

ShareFile Account Request Service Request Online Form

UTORid Request Form

GuestID Request Form


Audio Visual Requests

Lecture Capture Request Form

Videoconference Request Form

Video Production Request Form

Webcast Request Form


Scannning Service Requests

Remark_PrintGuide.pdf (63.46 KB)

Scanning_Order_Form.pdf (132.13 KB)

Scantron_Master Key / Student Form.pdf (166.37 KB)


Other Request Forms

eToken Request Form (159.11 KB)Request_for_Remote_Desktop_Access_Form.pdf (145.6 KB)

Local Document Storage Request Form (386.31 KB)





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