DiscoverResearch is a new online tool to highlight, celebrate and promote U of T's scholars. It provides faculty with a customizable online profile, allowing them to share their achievements with the public. Faculty are able to control what is publicly visible on their profiles by logging into Elements, which is the back-end environment that populates DiscoverResearch.

You need an Elements profile to have a public profile on DiscoverResearch. Faculty can input data into Elements, while having control over what is publicly viewable, and take advantage of the multiple fields that are connected to a direct data feed. Items like publications, and research grants are all automatically updated on the Elements profile. Elements also offers report extraction options for CV’s and bio sketches. The goal is to have Faculty use Elements as an online CV tool, where they include all the details they would include on an academic CV and DiscoverResearch is the limited public view of those activities. Faculty also have the option to use Elements in the background for CV purposes and not have a public profile on DiscoverResearch or have a very limited public profile.

To submit your CV and request for profile creation, please use the Sharepoint form.

Here’s a list of key quick links to get you started!

Elements: Edit Your Profile https://utoronto.elements.symplectic.org/

DiscoverResearch: Find a U of T Researcher https://discover.research.utoronto.ca/

Community & Support https://utoronto.sharepoint.com/sites/vpri-DiscoverResearch

FAQ: https://medit.med.utoronto.ca/faq/elementsdiscoverresearch