Identity, Authentication, and SSO (UTORid)

The MedIT Service Desk provides limited support to the Faculty of Medicine for the University of Toronto system login (UTORid). The UTORid is part of the larger University identification and authentication system called UTORauth. Your life in UTORauth starts when you first enter the university; perhaps as a student or staff member, maybe just as a temporary contractor doing work for the U of T. UTORauth collects ID data from a variety of authoritative sources around campus and merges all of this information together.

Think of the UTORid like your digital driver's license. You need one to navigate the highways and byways of the U of T's electronic resources. This UTORid, along with the password you choose, will be the primary method of validating yourself to each of the many websites, applications and portals that make up the U of T's internet presence.

Since May 1st, 2011, the Faculty of Medicine has covered the cost of creating all standard UTORids for faculty and staff awaiting their appointments. Temporary Guest UTORids (qqIDs) remain an expense to be recovered from the departments or units who request them.

Services Covered by the Faculty of Medicine

Chargeable Supported Services (@$25 per batch load, up to 100 per load)

  • Creating Temporary Guest UTORids (qqIDs)

If you are appointed staff or faculty, or have a utoronto email address, you likely already have a UTORid, though you may not realize it. If you are affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and believe you do not have a UTORid, please submit a service request with details, and we will perform a lookup for you. If you are a student in the Faculty of Medicine but do not have (or know) your UTORid, please contact the Information Commons for information concerning your UTORid.

We can create temporary UTORids (known as “qqIDs”) for individuals who are not eligible for regular UTORids (those people not part of the U of T community), who need temporary access to a Faculty of Medicine affiliated course in the U of T Portal, or access to the wireless network. These accounts can be active for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years (maximum) and then automatically expire. These accounts do not give access to the U of T Library online resources. These requests are chargeable at a rate of $25.00 per batch load, up to 100 per load.

To request temporary UTORids, email MedIT and attach a spreadsheet containing the following information for each person requiring an account:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address (this does not have to be a U of T email address)

When the qqIDs are generated, you will be provided with a list of the new temporary UTORids for use in your Learning Portal course shell. This fee does not include enrolling these UTORids into your Learning Portal course shell, or any other Learning Portal Support. It is assumed the course shell administrators will distribute the temporary accounts and passwords to their students and clients.

Problems with an Existing UTORid

The MedIT Service Desk does not have the ability to:

  • Reset UTORid passwords
  • Make UTORid account information changes
  • Update UTORid account status

If you require assistance for any of these issues, please contact the Information Commons, located on the first floor of Robarts Library. You may walk up for service (please bring photo ID for account changes) or telephone for assistance (416 978 HELP). You can visit their website to verify operating hours.

If you are having issues with your password, you can try verifying your UTORid and password on the UTORid Management Page. Select the link “Verify” under the heading ‘Problems with your UTORid.’ You can try a few different variations here without worrying about being locked out of your account. Note: Your UTORid is a combination of your lastname and firstname, is all one word, and has no capitals. Your password was self-created, is exactly eight digits, and contains a mix of characters: at least one capital OR one number.

UTORid Self Service

To make changes to your account, you will need to login with your UTORid (or UTORmail account) and password.

There are several changes that you can make to your UTORid account from the UTORid Management Page. To make changes to your account, you will need to login with your UTORid (or UTORmail account) and password. From the homepage, you can choose several options concerning the modification of your account. For example, Faculty, Staff and Students can:

  • Activate or Create their UTORid
  • Manage their password
  • Change your password
  • Reset your forgotten password (students only)
  • Setup forgotten password utility (students only)
  • Make changes to their account
  • Get information about their account

If you are having issues with your UTORmail or are not receiving mail, you can check the size of your inbox (and other mail folders) on the UTORid Management Page. Click the link “Get Information.” Enter your UTORid and password AND check the box that says “Show current sizes of your UTORmail folders.”

Service Charges
• There is no charge for creating all standard UTORids for Faculty of Medicine faculty members and staff awaiting their appointments. • There is a charge of $25 per batch to create temporary UTORids. A batch is a one-time submission list that can consist of up to 100 names.
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