I searched in DiscoverResearch and can’t find my profile. What do I do now?

If your profile on Elements is not turned on, searching on DiscoverResearch will not yield any results. Please ensure your Elements profile is activated before checking your profile on DiscoverResearch. Here's a link to Elements: https://utoronto.elements.symplectic.org/ 

I searched in Elements and can’t find my profile. What do I do now?

If your profile doesn't appear on Elements, it may be related to the nature of your faculty appointment. For example, adjunct professors do not have Elements profiles at this time. So, please check your appointment type—whether you are part-time, adjunct, or brand new to UofT. Faculty profiles are selected based on HRIS data. If the data there is not correct or up to date, this could impact your profile access. For more information, please email us at elements.med@utoronto.ca 

What if I am not a researcher – does this tool apply to me?

Of course! This tool is not only for researchers; it can be used by all faculty members who would like to showcase their work. We will also have more features related to reporting and data management, which will be very useful for teaching professors and other faculty members. Please stay tuned for more updates. 

What if I don’t want a public profile?

Start by logging into Elements. You may click on "Edit My Profile beneath your picture. From there, adjust the "Change profile privacy level" toggle to your desired setting. Please make sure to refresh your DiscoverResearch browser to see the change after around 5 minutes. For more detailed information, please check this document

What is Elements? I am a bit confused! What is Elements and what is DiscoverResearch?

Elements is the backend environment that populates DiscoverResearch. Faculty members need an Elements profile to have a public profile on DiscoverResearch. DiscoverResearch is the public and searchable database of UofT faculty. 

Will you be populating all the fields for me?

We can assist with curation as we have work-study students available. Additionally, if you are willing to share your CV via the webform, that would be greatly appreciated. Many of the fields are self-populated, but individuals will ultimately need to review and update their own profiles to ensure accuracy and customize the privacy settings. 

What do I do if I find an error in my profile?

Please email us at elements.med@utoronto.ca. Kindly provide details of the error, including the field it is in. You can also send a screenshot and a brief description. If it appears in an automated field, please confirm the source of the data. Corrections will need to be made at the source. For example, users' names and positions are automated fields linked to HRIS. Adjustments need to be made in HRIS.If the error is something a curator entered, then this can be fixed directly or made private while the error is being corrected. 

What training resources are available?

Please check our DiscoverResearch Community Site for training resources. We will provide more training resources upon request. If you cannot find the training materials you are looking for, please send us an email at elements.med@utoronto.ca. We will do our best to support the service you are looking for. 

Why don’t I see all my research grants in the Grants & Contracts section?

  • All grants administrated through the VPRI office at U of T will be regularly uploaded to Elements, however grants administered at TAHSN partner hospitals will only be updated once a year in the annual data upload. This results in a lag period for faculty that hold their grants at a hospital research institute. Manual entries are possible to bridge this gap until the system updates. Any funds held in trust accounts or funded through advancement will not appear in the grant feed, because these are not administered by VPRI. They can be added via manual entry.