Zoom Settings to Minimize Security and Privacy Risks

Last Updated: Oct. 27, 2021

We suggest adjusting the following settings in your Zoom account to help minimize the security and privacy risks associated with using this conferencing platform. We recognize that these settings may not work in all contexts (e.g. admit 250 learners to a waiting room), and have attempted to select the options that work for the majority of cases. Hosts may adjust these settings manually for their meetings – it is up to the host to decide what is appropriate given the context of their meetings.

Meeting settings

  1. Require a password to enter the meeting
  2. Screen sharing is set to host only
  3. Waiting room is set to on by default so that the host must admit users
  4. Allow users to contact Zoom’s support via Chat

Recording settings

  1. Allow hosts to record meetings locally (i.e. on their computer)
  2. Allow hosts to record meetings to the cloud (i.e. on Zoom’s servers)
  • Records the active speaker with shared screen
  • Records an audio file
  • Saves chat messages
  • Displays participants' names in recording
  • Records thumbnails when sharing

   3.  Automatic record is set to off

   4.  Only the host can download cloud recordings

    5.  Host can delete cloud recordings

Phone settings

Phone numbers are masked in the participants list (i.e., they will show up as 888****123

Best practices for Zoom meetings and webinars

  • Ensure your meeting titles do not inadvertently convey confidential or sensitive information
  • Require a password for meetings
  • Ensure your sharing options are appropriate for your meetings. The default is set to only the host may share
  • Do not share a link to a teleconference or classroom on an unrestricted, publicly-available, social-media post. Provide the link directly to specific people.
  • Ensure participants provide their consent to being recorded prior to the meeting or webinar
  • Keep your microphone off unless you’re speaking
  • Register for a Zoom video or webinar from the same computer and zoom-client account you will be using to join the meeting
  • Deselect Q & A Anonymous questions in a Webinar
  • Spotlight presenter(s) so as not to inadvertently video record a participant or non-speaking panelist during meeting or webinar