Online Meeting Solutions

There are a number of different online meeting solutions available to you.  A full list can be found here: 

1.  Microsoft Teams:

Features:  Audio, Video, Chat, Screen Sharing, Record meetings
Maximum number of participants:  250 per meeting
Costs:  No additional charges; part of the University's Office 365 license

You can invite anyone to a Teams meeting with their email address (note that it does not need to be an email address).  The maximum number of participants is 250 per meeting.  Support fot Teams can be found here and detailed instructions for using videoconferencing in Teams can be found here.

2. Broadconnect VOIP Communicator Client: 

Features:  Audio, Video, Screen Sharing
Maximum number of participants:  15 per meeting
Costs:  No additional charges; part of the University's VOIP solution

The Communicator client is part of the University's VOIP solution.  You will need to ensure that the meeting host has a premium account and download and install the Communicator client on your PC.  You can find download the Communicator client here.  Detailed instructions for starting a group conference call are below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Launch Tutorial for Communicator 7 – Windows or Launch Tutorial for Communicator 7 - OS X
  3. Click “Show Me”
  4. Click “Connect to My Room Via Voice Call”

3.  Zoom

Features:  Audio, Video, Screen Sharing, Breakout rooms, Record sessions
Maximum number of participants:  up to 1,000 (additional fees apply)
Costs:  U of T Educational licenses  are available at no cost for individulas and departments; see

The U of T Educational license does not cover other services from Zoom such as Webinar, Large Class, Extra Cloud Storage or physical Room Connectors, etc. If you require any of these other services, a Zoom Pro license can be purchased from