Guidelines on Software Installation in the MedIT Computer Labs

The computers in the MedIT computer labs are intended for general student and teaching use by all programs and departments of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. They are pre-configured with a software “image” that includes all of the software that has been properly licensed and tested for computer lab use, including general-purpose commercial software (Microsoft Office), more specialized commercial or open source software (SPSS, R), and some course-specific software for courses that occur on a regular basis.

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Going forward, this software image will be updated no more than three times a year, in late August, late December, and late May (i.e. in advance of each term). We request that any teacher or course that wishes to get course-specific software added to the image for the upcoming term to notify us by the first of the month (i.e. August 1st, December 1st, and May 1st), and to provide us with the fully-licensed software so that we can test it and include it in the image. We will send reminders of these deadlines to this email list. There is no cost for this service.

Once a term has started, requests to install course-specific software will be evaluated on an individual basis. As long as at least a week’s notice is given, we will test the software for compatibility with the existing image, and if it is compatible we will install the software on as many machines are required. Then, after the class or course ends, we will then re-image the computers back to their original state. Please be aware that a invoice for the staff time spent doing the testing, installation, and re-imaging will be sent to the teacher or course requesting the software.

Finally, please note that we cannot, under any circumstances, install unlicensed or trial software.

For more information, or to discuss the installation of software on our computer lab computers, please contact the MedIT Service Desk, or call 416-978-8504.