Fill Out the Form and Send Us Your Presentation

We have team of technical staff that are here to help ensure that your presentation goes smoothly, with no technical glitches that come in the way of student learning. In order to do this, however, we need some information from you about what you will be doing during your lecture. Using polling? Showing YouTube videos? Playing audio files? Using break out rooms? Expecting more than one presenter? This is all information that we need to know in advance of your lecture. 

Well in advance of your lecture, you will be sent a link to a form that includes information relevant to teaching in via Zoom or videoconference, depending on pandemic protocols of the moment. This form also has an area for you to let us know what kind of lecture and lecture material you will be presenting. Please fill out this form and submit it.  Based on the form submissions, we prepare for every lecture in advance, and doing this ensures that they are technically successful. A link to the form also is below.

At least 4 working days before any Zoom or videoconferenced lectures, lecturers need to (1) fill out a form so we have the information about the lecture, and (2) send the lecture presentation and any associated files to us.

→ Click to fill in the Jotform here.

The form has the link to upload to upload your lectures, but it's here as well:

→ Click to upload your presentation here

How To Upload Your Files:

  1. Click the upload your presentation link above. The Sharefile upload page will open in a new browser tab.
  2. Enter your name and email address (populating the company field is not necessary), and click Continue.
  3. Click Browse files to navigate to your files and select them for upload, or drag them to the area indicated.
  4. Click the Upload button on the bottom left of the page to begin the file upload.

Q: Why do I need to upload my presentation at least 4 working days in advance?

A: This is to allow testing to ensure that your presentation will have no technical problems during delivery, add polls, and gives the MD Program admin staff time to post it as a pdf file online for students.

After submission, the presentation and any media will be tested and any issues will be addressed. Because of the very full schedule of lectures, there is limited time for this testing to be carried out and hence the necessity of the 4-working day advance submission.

For Zoom lectures, your presentation will be loaded onto a computer at the technician's location, ready to be deployed by them if your sharing of the screen fails at any time during your presentation.

For inclass lectures, the presentation will be put on the podium PC at both of the connected lecture rooms in advance of your lecture, and will be ready and open when you arrive to lecture.

The maximum size for any one file to be uploaded is one gigabyte (GB). This should be large enough for your powerpoints and any associated media, but if your files are larger, please call 416-978-8504 or send an email to:

Files accepted are:

  • Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Keynote (.key)
  • text (.txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx))
  • picture (.jpg, .gif)
  • video (.mov, .avi, .wma, .wmv)
  • compressed (.zip)

Note: If you have a presentation, such as a Powerpoint, from which you play videos or that contains linked images, these should all be sent together in a compressed (zipped) folder.

How to compress or zip a folder to upload:

  1. Make a new folder and name it: Yourname.
  2. If you have a presentation with linked videos or images, include all video and image files in the folder.
  3. On a PC: Right-click on the folder, point to: Send to, then select compressed (zipped) folder.
    On a Mac: Right-click on the folder and select Compress Yourname, or on the top menu point to File and selectCompress Yourname.
  4. Use the Presentation Upload tool ( to send the compressed folder