Getting Help

Before the Lecture

Requests for presentation formatting support, faculty development, and general technical advice or assistance may be directed to the Discovery Commons Service Desk, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.


During the lecture

All lectures will be monitored by two professional videoconferencing technicians, and most technical problems will be addressed before you even notice them.

For immediate assistance just before or during a lecture, either:

  • use the support intercom on the classroom lectern
  • use the microphone on the classroom lectern (make sure it is unmuted)
  • call the Discovery Commons Helpdesk: 416-978-8504

If you contact technical support during a lecture, you will be talking to a live technician, and a technical support person can be in the room within 1 minute, if required.

After the Lecture

To provide feedback on your experience with lecture videoconferencing, contact the Faculty’s Director of Information Technology, Sam Chan directly at 416-946-8625 or by email: