Sep 28, 2020

Instructions for Individuals without Remote Desktop to connect to your Shared Drive.


Frank Deak

Instructions for individuals who require access to Departmental Shared Drive. This connection only requires a VPN connection with no Remote to your Desktop.

PC users:

- Connect to the VPN

- Open Command Prompt

- type in or copy/paste "net use N: \\\F /user:medicine\utorid password"

- replace utorid with your actual utorid, and replace 'password' with your actual password you use

- open file explorer and you should see the new path to the shared drive

Mac users:

- connect to the VPN

- open finder

- press Command+K

- in the dialogue box “Connect to Server” enter the following: smb:// Shared DriveName – replace the highlighted text with whatever the name of your shared drive is on the network e.g. smb:// oncology

NB: For the MAC, you do need to reconnect the drive each time you VPN in but you will have the file path saved so you just do the command k and press enter each time and you are in for the duration of that VPN session.


If you require assistance please contact Discovery Commons HelpDesk.

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