All About Webinar Links

Zoom webinars are used in the MD Program and other Faculty of Medicine departments for online sessions in which there are one or several presenters and an audience of a class or conference. In a Zoom webinar, the presenters, called panelists, can be seen and heard, as opposed to the audience which cannot be unless individually invited to do so.

Webinar Link

In a webinar, there are two kinds of links: Audience (or Participant)  and Panelist. As a panelist, you must use the panelist link sent to you by the organizer of the event. This link will allow you to be seen, heard, and share your screen.

The Panelist Link

The panelist link will be sent to you via email by the organizer of the session or by the Zoom scheduling system. 

      Tips for searching for your panelist link in my inbox

If you notice the email come in from the organizer or from, you should mark it right away so you can find it again easily. If you do not notice it when it comes in, search for the email the day before your presentation so there is no delay when you need it.

  • Ensure that you are searching in the email account that the MD Program admins are using to correspond with you about the webinar
  • The word “Panelist” will be in the subject line, so you can search your inbox for “panelist”
  • If you know the name of the person who has been corresponding with you about the webinar, search for their name

       If you cannot find the email with your panelist link, send an email request to the organizer to resend it.

      Two kinds of panelist links

      Panelist links can be personal or generic.

  • If you receive your email from, it will be a personal link. A personal link will also have your name in the salutation in the email text
    • When you open your Zoom session, you will not need to rename yourself.
  • If you receive your email from the event organizer, it will be a generic link. The salutation in the text of the email will be "Hi Panelist,"
    • When you open your Zoom session, you will need to rename yourself.

Renaming Yourself in Zoom

If you received a generic panelist link, you will need to change it when you sign into your session. If you don't chamnge your name, your name in the session will be, for example, Panelist 2, instead of your real name.

After you join and have been admitted to the session by the host, please rename yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Click on Participants at the bottom of the screen
  2. Hover your mouse on your name on the right
  3. Click More, then select Rename
  4. Type your name and click Rename