Adjunct & Part-Time Clinical Reappointments FAQs

What should I do if a faculty member has refused re-appointment before the process has started?

If the Chair or the DAC has already decided not to re-appoint a faculty member and does not want to send the faculty member a request for an activity report, you should:

  • change the Activity Report Status Clinical in the pink dossier to 7. Re-appointment Refused.

Result: this automatically moves the permanent (yellow) dossier to the Archives area. The end date in the metadata will remain unchanged (i.e., June 30th). If necessary, the end date may be changed by revising it in the Candidate Information Template metadata of the permanent (yellow) dossier.

Note: It is not necessary to delete the pink Activity Reporting folder for the faculty member.

What should I do if a faculty member has reconsidered their submission?

  • if the faculty member has accidentally declined re-appointment in LaserFiche through the re-appointments process, then the permanent (yellow) dossier has been moved to Archives. The ability to take any further action on the temporary pink activity reporting folder is discontinued. To resolve this:
    1. send an email to They will drag the folder from Archives back to the permanent document storage.
    2. when the permanent dossier is back in the permanent record area, change the Activity Report Status Clinical in the pink dossier from 7. Re-appointment Refused back to 2. Send Request for Activity Report. This will send another email to the ffaculty member and they will be required to complete the process again.

Note: If the Department has accidentally refused the appointment, the permanent (yellow) dossier  
will also be moved to the Archives folder as mentioned above. If this occurs, follow the same steps  
to reinstate the dossier back to a different status.

  •       if the faculty member has submitted an activity report, but meant to decline:
    • change the Activity Report Status Clinical from 7. Activity Report Received back to 2.   
      Send Request for Activity Report
      . This will send another email to the faculty member  
      giving them the URL to a webform where they can decline re‐appointment.

Can changes be made to a faculty member’s submission after it is received? 

Once an Activity Report is submitted, the information is saved as data in the Laserfiche system and within a PDF version of the report. It is not possible for a faculty member to change individual field values. If information needs to be changed, a new Activity Report must be submitted.This will create an additional PDF in the pink folder (all PDFs are date stamped) and overwrite the field values. The downloadable Excel report will contain the most up‐to‐date information provided by the faculty member.
Note: In some instances, the accidentally-omitted information may not require that the faculty submit an entirely new report. This is at the department’s discretion.

What if a faculty member submitted their Activity Report in error?

And, can I delete this in LaserFiche so that it can be submitted again?

If the faculty member still has Activity Report request: 

  • the faculty member can follow the link in the email request to re‐submit.  This will create a new PDF in the pink folder and overwrite the field values. Your download will contain the most up‐to‐date information provided by the faculty member. 

If the faculty member does not have Activity Report request: 

  1. Change the Activity Report Status Clinical from 7. Activity Report Received back to 2. Send Request for Activity Report. This will send another email to the faculty member. 
  2. Faculty member can follow the link in the email request to re‐submit. This will create a new PDF in the pink folder and ooerwrite the field values. Your download will contain the most up‐to‐date information provided by the faculty member.

What if a faculty member has saved their Activity Report as a draft, but has lost their password?  

Laserfiche encrypts the faculty member’s password on the draft and it is not possible for Discovery Commons to de‐crypt it. In this circumstance, they must begin the submission process again. Once they have begun a new submission, the faculty member can save another draft.

What if a faculty member saves their Activity Report, but mistypes their email address? 

The email containing the link to the draft activity report and the draft activity report itself will be lost. The faculty member must begin the submission process again when notified by the department that the email was incorrect. Once they have begun a new submission, the faculty member can save another draft.

What can be done about missing submissions?

If a faculty member has submitted their Activity Report and the Activity Report Status Clinical  
shows 7. Activity Report Received, but there is no Activity Report found in the pink folder, you can:

  • Check for the Activity Reports subfolder in the yellow permanent dossier to see if the PDF was captured.
    • If the Activity Report is found:
    1. Right click on Activity Report
    2. Copy File 
    3. Paste the copy into pink folder. This will make it visible in the Read Only Portal as well. 
    • if the Activity Report is not found: 
      • the faculty member must resubmit their Activity Report. 

Where do I change a faculty member’s email address?

Email addresses must be changed in the metadata of the permanent (yellow) dossier. Always click “save” after revising any information in the metadata.

Where do I change/verify a faculty member’s CPSO number?

CPSO numbers must be changed/verified in the metadata of the permanent (yellow) dossier. 

Always click “save”” after revising any information in the metadata.

Can the Read Only Portal be configured with separate views for Status Only and Clinical?

No. Only one column configuration can be added
to the Read Only Portal at a time.

What can I do if the emails to request an Activity Report are rejected by another server?

If the department coordinator has their copy of the email: 

  1. Confirm the faculty member’s email address.  If the address in LaserFiche is incorrect, edit the email address in the metadata of the permanent (yellow) dossier and resend the request via LaserFiche. 
  2. If you are sure the address is valid and functioning, locate the copy of the faculty member’s email request that you received and forward the request directly to them using your department’s email address.

If the department coordinator does not have a copy of the Activity Report request:

  1. Email to request a copy of the Activity Report request text
  2. Edit the email with the faculty member’s Appointment ID, Last Name, and Primary Clinical Site
  3. Email the edited request to the faculty member, using your department's email address.

What if a Primary Clinical Site iis not included in the activity report dropdown list? 

The list of approved Primary Clinical Sites has been vetted by the Office of Clinical Affairs. Any inquiries about this list can be communicated to Human Resources, Temerty Faculty of Medicine.