Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A staff member has left the department and I need to access their work files.

Written permission via email is required from the chair/director or business officer of the department or program stating this request. Clearly describe which employee requires access, what specific files are needed (all files, or specific folders), what level of access is needed (i.e. read-only, read/write, etc.), and the location of the data that needs to be accessed. This written permission must be added to a ticket before access can be granted.

Q: Am I able to sync any of my work e-mail to my mobile devices?

Yes, we support the use of ActiveSync on Medicine Exchange, to allow mobile device access to email and calendar information.

Q: Can I photocopy/scan/fax here? How?

No, we don’t provide photocopying or fax services.

Q: Can I print here?

No. Printers, scanners, and photocopiers are available at the Gerstein Science Information Centre.

Q: Can I use p2p (peer-to-peer) software on campus?

p2p software can have legitimate, legal uses, so it is acceptable. However, the university has a strict, zero-tolerance policy on the use of p2p software to illegally distribute data, such as copyrighted movies. The network is monitored for this activity, and if it is detected then your IP will be blocked, and your divisional IT support group will be contacted.

Q: Can I use Zoom or Skype in the meeting rooms at Discovery Commons?

Zoom, Skype, Webex, and others are popular tools for webconferencing. MSB 3174, one of the Discovery Commons meeting rooms, is equipped with a webcam, and the microphones and speakers in the room are configured to optimize audio for these platforms. We can help with set up, but we don’t support the products themselves and have no control over the quality of the calls.

Q: Do you provide classroom technology support for ACE/LSM classrooms?

We can only provide classroom technology support for MD Program curriculum events. For other events, classroom technology support can be requested from Learning Space Management (formerly ACE). Their website is:

Q: How can I create a departmental email account if I don’t have a UTORexchange account?

Discovery Commons has a procedure in place that we’ve worked out with UTORExchange personnel to do this for you. Please create a ticket with Discovery Commons, including the following information you’ve been given by Information Commons:

  1. Library No.
  2. Alternate ID:/Patron Number
  3. AMS/FIS code
  4. And a Display Name for the account which will go into the “From:” field of any message you will send from this account.

We’ll coordinate the rest and get the account created for you.

Q: How can I delete documents from the Internal or External Assessments folders in the Promotions applications?

By the request of the Dean, departmental staff cannot delete documents from the Internal or External Assessments folders. If you require further help with this please send a request to

Q: How can I record my computer presentation and voice for a project I am working on?

You can go to and download the Camtasia relay recorder. Instructions on how to use Camtasia are lower on the page.

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