Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I delete documents from the Internal or External Assessments folders in the Promotions applications?

By the request of the Dean, departmental staff cannot delete documents from the Internal or External Assessments folders. If you require further help with this please send a request to

Q: What is the process if I wanted to have the ability to work and remote from home?

Please complete the Request for Remote Desktop Access form, which requires your supervisor’s approval, and send the completed, signed form to We will configure the network to allow remote access, and will send a technician to set your computer up for it.

Q: Where is MSB room XXXX?

Yes, the room numbering system in the MSB is confusing! Look at the 4-digit number of the room in question. The first digit is the floor number, the basement being the first floor. The second digit represents north/south, starting with 1 for the north end of the building (towards King’s College Circle) to 3 for the south end (towards College Street). The third and fourth digits represent east/west, starting with 01 for the east end of the building (towards Queens Park) to 99 for the west end (towards Convocation Hall).

Q: Why can’t I use my own laptop for MD Program lectures?

Lectures usually are back to back, which doesn’t give us much time to fix a laptop connection issue. We ask lecturers to submit their presentations four working days in advance so we can pretest presentations to minimize any issues during the lecture. Your presentation will be ready on the teaching station computer when you come to teach or on a technician's computer as a back up if you are teaching remotely.