Forgotten UTORid password

Existing UTORid passwords cannot be retrieved and therefore have to be changed. If you have an idea of what your password might be, go to the UTORid password verification page.

If you forgot your password, and have not registered for the password reset tool, you must contact your Business Officer (or delegate) to request that your password reset be setup on your behalf. A list of Business Officers is listed at the bottom of this page.

If you are a Business Officer (or delegate), you can request a password reset for someone in your department. To do so you must verify their identity, and then email MedITwith your contact information and the following information on the account you are requesting be reset:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • UTORid
  • Alternative contact for password reset tool (this can be either an email they have access to, or a phone number with SMS/text messaging capability)

Once this information has been received, MedIT will do the following:

  • Set up / register the password reset tool for the account
  • Initiate a password reset

This will result in the user receiving a password reset message to the alternative email or SMS number provided, allowing them to reset their password.

Department Business Officers (or delegates)

Department Contact Name Contact Email
Anaesthesia, Dept of Brenda Bui
Anatomy, Division of Elizabeth Sutherland
Anatomy, Division of Alexandra Surugiu
Banting & Best Diabetes Ctr Rose LaBarbera
Biochemistry, Dept of Lynette Anderson
Biochemistry, Dept of Walid Houry
Cardiovascular Sci. Collaborative Prog Victoria Simpson
Collaborative Program in Neuroscience Collaborative Program in Neuroscience
Comparative Med., Div Of Priya Kissoon
Continuing Education, Medicine Colin Fleming
Continuing Education, Medicine Lina Baltakys
Physician Assistant Program Elizabeth Whitmell
Family & Community Medicine, Dept of Iryna Kravchenko
Graduate and Life Sciences Education Rita Seto
Heart & Stroke/R.Lewar Ctr of Excellence in Cardio Elizabeth Thuo
History of Medicine Program Susan Elizabeth Belanger
Immunology, Dept of Sherry Kuhn
Integrated Medical Education Colin Fleming
Integrated Medical Education Natali Chin 
Interprofessional Education, Centre for Belinda Vilhena
LMP Office Nelson Cabral
MD Program Gina John
Medical Biophysics, Dept of Merle Casci
Medical Biophysics, Dept of Chau Dang
Medical Imaging, Dept of Suzanne D'Alvise,
Medical Science, Inst of (IMS) Kamila Lear
Medicine, Dept of Cecilia Manalo
Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) Tamara Breukelman
Molecular Genetics, Dept of Katrina Soh
Nutritional Sciences, Dept of Slavica Jovanovic
Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dept of Salvo Candela
Occupational Science & Therapy, Dept of Molly Schlosser
Occupational Science & Therapy, Dept of Sandra Sokoloff
Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences, Dept of Elizabeth den Hartog
Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Sur, Dept of Audrea Martin
Paediatrics, Dept of John Vetta
Pharmacology, Dept of Elaine Jack
Pharmacology, Dept of Ali Salahpour
Physical Therapy, Dept of Amanda Patterson
Physical Therapy, Dept of Jane Kean
Physician Assistant Program PA Program Business Officer
Physiology, Dept of Paula Smellie
Postgraduate Medical Education Gerard Nagalingam
Psychiatry, Dept of Chris Meledes
Psychiatry, Dept of Sarah Iarrobino
Radiation Oncology, Dept of Alena Wasney
Rehabilitation Science, Graduate Dept of Diane Wiltshire
Respirology, Div of Rhiannon Davies
Speech-Language Pathology Mark Melchior
Speech-Language Pathology Antonietta Morra
Standardized Patient Program Rosa Arteaga
Surgery, Dept of Nancy Calabrese-Condo
Surgery, Dept of Alina Gaspar
Tanz Ctr Res. Neurodegenerative Diseases (CRND) Lina Calomino
Donnelly Centre Angelika Kocan
Wilson Centre for Research in Education Mariana Arteaga