Windows 10 Upgrades

We want to ensure that computers used by faculty and staff perform well, and believe that computers need to meet a minimum set of hardware requirements.  For any computers falling below the minimum requirements we recommend that they be either replaced or upgraded. Discovery Commons will be happy to assist you in this regard by providing quotes for new computers or parts necessary.  You can contact us at

For any educational or administrative personal computers (PCs) remaining on Windows 7 Discovery Commons has purchased a number of Windows 7 Extended Support Updates (ESU) licenses to provide security updates for the Windows 7 operating system. We would encourage you to schedule upgrading your remaining PCs as soon as possible – the cost for these upgrades is covered until December 2020 (this deadline has been extended due to COVID-19). After December 2020 any remaining PC upgrades will be subject to additional license fees and hourly labour costs that will be charged directly to your unit. After December 2020, we may also disable your Windows 7 PC’s access to the network until it has been upgraded to ensure the Faculty’s protection.