Jul 24, 2020

VoIP Communicator 7 latest Application upgrade


Frank Deak

All users are reminded of a mandatory VoIP desktop ‘Communicator 7’ application upgrade. The VoIP home page will have both the Windows and Mac procedures. The VoIP/Telecommunications team are asking users to perform this update themselves if they have Administrator privileges.

This new release does not apply to mobile phone VoIP users of the ‘Communicator 7’ app.

Please note if you have any issues downloading or installing this upgrade please contact Discovery Commons at.

Email: discovery.commons@utoronto.ca

Phone: 416-978-8504

Instructions to download upgrade.

Windows O/S - http://www.myphonetraining.com/files/Communicator_7.bc-uc.win-

Mac O/S - http://www.myphonetraining.com/files/Communicator_7.bc-uc.osx-

Instructions to install the upgrade.