Jan 15, 2020

Windows 7 End Of Life Notice January 14 2020


Frank Deak

As you may know Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 end of life is January 14th 2020. This means that Microsoft will no longer be issuing regular Windows security updates for the Windows 7 and will render any computers using Windows 7 vulnerable to future security attacks. Discovery Commons has been steadily upgrading Faculty of Medicine administrative computers to Windows 10 since 2019 but there are still some remaining.

For administrative computers that have not been upgraded to Windows 10 we have purchased and installed Windows 7 Extended Support Updates (ESU) License to provide continued security updates. If you get any reports from staff members that their Windows 7 license has expired, please have them contact Discovery Commons so that we can ensure the (ESU) Security Upgrade has been applied.

Discovery Commons will continue to upgrade the remaining administrative computers using Windows 7 at no direct cost to units until June 2020. After June 2020 any remaining Windows 7 computer upgrades will be subject to additional license fees and hourly labour costs that will be charged directly to your unit. After June 2020, we may also disable your Windows 7 PC’s access to the network until it has been upgraded to ensure the Faculty’s protection.